Klever Kleena SprintaKlever Kleena banner

Sprinta Automatic Pool Cleaner

The faster way to a cleaner pool

• Suitable for all Pools
• Powerful Sprinta Turbine
• Unstickable Steering System
• Fast & Powerful Cleaning Action

Nothing cleans pools faster than the Klever Kleena Sprinta

The power that drives Sprinta
Sprinta’s unique Turbine Drive System makes it remarkably fast and powerful and will clean your pool in record time.

Sprinta is unstickable
The unique Intelligent Steering System guides Sprinta around any obstacle in your pool and, never gets stuck.

Self Cleaning
The Intelligent Steering System is self cleaning giving Sprinta a long and trouble free working life.

Cleaning Power
Sprinta’s revolutionary design provides maximum continuous suction for a cleaner pool faster and works perfectly in all pool shapes and sizes.

2 Year Warranty
Sprinta has a full 2 year system warranty.